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CNC machining has stricter requirements on tool rigidity, precision, durability, and dynamic balance performance. The choice of tool should pay attention to the structure and craftsmanship analysis of the workpiece, combined with the numerical control machine tool's processing ability, workpiece material and process content and other factors.



CNC machining has stricter requirements on tool rigidity, precision, durability, and dynamic balance performance. The choice of tool should pay attention to the structure and craftsmanship analysis of the workpiece, combined with the numerical control machine tool's processing ability, workpiece material and process content and other factors.


Domestic application of CNC machine tool tool handle and matching pull nail standard

1. National Standard GB10944-89 "7:24 Conical Tool Shank Nos. 40, 45, and 50 Tapered Handles for Automatic Tool Change Machines"

2. Pull studs as specified by the national standard, "Tackers for Cone 40, 45, and 50 Cone No. 7:24 Cone Tooling for Automatic Tool Changers"

3. Japanese Standard JIS B6339-1986 "Tools for Machine Tool Centers and Studs"

4. National Standard GB3837-83 "Machine Tool 7:24 Cone Connection"

The handle of the TSG tool system, whose code number (approved according to 1990 national standards) is composed of four parts. The meaning of each part is as follows:

JT- stands for tool handle code.

45 - Tapered specifications for taper shank.

Q32- indicates the specifications of the tool.

120- indicates the working length of the holder.

The tools it represents are: 7:24 taper tool handle (GB10944) for automatic tool changer, 45 taper shank, front spring clip, maximum clamping diameter 32mm, working length of the shank (large diameter of taper shank The distance from the φ57.15mm to the front face of the collet) is 120mm.

Model Features

1) When machining curved surface parts, in order to ensure that the tool cutting edge and the machining contour are tangent at the cutting point to avoid interference between the cutting edge and the workpiece contour, a ball nose tool is generally used, and a two-edge milling cutter for rough machining is used to semi-finish and finish. Four-blade cutter for machining

2) When milling large planes, blade-inlaid disc cutters are commonly used to increase production efficiency and improve surface roughness.

3) General milling cutters are used when milling facets or step surfaces

4) When milling the keyway, in order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the slot, a two-flute keyway milling cutter is generally used.

5) Drills and other holes can be used to make tools when machining holes


The commonly used shank of CNC machining is mainly divided into: drilling tool holder, boring cutter holder, milling cutter holder, threaded cutter holder and straight shank cutter holder.

CNC machine tool holder selection

Structure type

The structure of the tool holder of CNC machine tools is divided into two types: integral and modular. The integrated tool holder is integrated with the working part of the clamping tool and it is installed on the machine tool. This tool holder has poor adaptability to the transformation of machine tools and parts. In order to adapt to the transformation of parts and machine tools, the user must stock a variety of tool holders, so the utilization of the tool holder is low. Modular tool system is a more advanced tool system. Each tool holder can be assembled through various serialized modules. For different machining parts and the use of machine tools, different assembly methods are adopted to obtain a variety of tool holder series, thereby improving the adaptability and utilization of the tool holder.

The selection of the tool holder structure type should take into account both advanced technology and economical rationality: 1 It is appropriate to use simple tools with long-term repeated use and no assembly, so as to make the tool rigid and inexpensive (such as processing the outline of the components The end mill handle, collet chuck handle and drill chuck handle, etc.); 2 In the processing of multi-type, small-volume parts with constantly changing hole diameter and hole depth, modular handles should be used to replace large quantities The boring tool shank reduces the processing cost; 3 pairs of numerical control machine tools, especially the spindle end of the machine tool and the tool changer are not the same, the module handle should be selected. Because the intermediate modules (posts) and work modules (loading modules) used by each machine tool can be used universally, equipment investment can be greatly reduced, and tool utilization can be improved.


Most of CNC tool holders use 7:24 taper tool holders, and the corresponding type of puller tensioning structure is matched with the machine tool spindle. There are various sizes of holders, 40, 45 and 50 are commonly used. Currently widely used in China are ISO7388-1983, GB10944-

In 1989, MAS403-1982, ANSI/ASME B5.50-1985, etc., the choice of tool holder should be compatible with the machine tool spindle and robot.

The number of specifications of the handle

The integrated TSG tool system includes 20 kinds of tool holders, and the number of specifications is as many as several hundreds. The user can select the variety specifications of the tool holder according to the numerical control processing technology of the typical parts processed, which can not only meet the processing requirements but also cause no backlog. . Considering that there are a certain number of tool holders in the pre-adjustment or tool dressing while the CNC machine tool works, the number of configuration of the holder is usually 2 to 3 times that of the required holder.

Tool and handle support

Pay attention to the matching between the tool holder and the tool, especially when choosing the tapping tool holder, pay attention to the size of the tap square head used. In addition, the use of a single-edge boring tool on CNC machine tools can avoid scratching the workpiece when retracting, but should pay attention to the position of the tool tip relative to the keyway on the tool shank: Some machine requirements are consistent with the keyway orientation, and some machine tools require Vertical orientation with keyway.

Efficient and composite shank

In order to increase the processing efficiency, high-efficiency tools and tool holders should be selected as much as possible. For example, a double-edged boring tool holder can be used for rough bore, which can not only improve the machining efficiency but also reduce the cutting vibration. The use of strong collet chuck not only can hold the straight shank tool, but also can hold the hole-cut tool through the post. . For typical workpieces with large batches and complicated processing, compound tools should be used as much as possible. Although composite cutters and tool holders are relatively expensive, compound cutters are used on the machining center to combine multiple processes into a single process and be completed by a single tool, which helps reduce machining time and tool change times, and significantly increases production efficiency. . For some special parts, special designed composite tool shanks can also be considered.

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