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High Precision Bt-Fma Face Mill Holders

High Precision Bt-Fma Face Mill Holders

Bt-Fam Face Mill Holder, Inch Size Mill Holder, Face Mill Holder Inch manufacturer / supplier in China, offering High Precision Bt-Fma Face Mill Holders Bt50-Fma25.4-60, 2/4 Flutes Tungsten Carbide Ball Head End Mills, Solid Carbide Micro Ball Nose End Mill and so on.


High precision BT-FMA Face mill holders BT50-FMA25.4-60 

Face milling cutter for milling cutter handle 
Cooperate with all kinds of the knife dish , is suitable for the gantry NC milling machine and general plane processing
Hole is beneficial to the water and strong vibration resistance
Can be customized Various non-standard length , can do dynamic blance test G6.3 G2.5

Material : 20CrMnTi;
Hardness : 58+/- 2 HRC;
7:24 taper tolerance less than AT3;
Carbon depth : more than 0.8mm;
Surface roughing : Ra less than 0.4u ;
Provide 2 kinds appearance :sand-blasting and electroless plating process;
Sub-zero treatment : All of the CNC chucks are processed long time Sub-zero treament (-180oC , more than 20 hours ) , Mke the residual austenite into  martensite and precipitate  os nona-sized carbide particles , enhance chucks hardness, toughness durability, and reduce the residual internal stress, 
Thermal aging treatment can get rid of the residual interna stress in grinding process.
All the handle to do dynamic balance test, G6.3  G2.5.


1.It is the most commonly used milling chuck. There are many types,, ISO 20/25/30,
ER 16/20/25
2.All collet chuck can be offered balancing G2.5 with rotate speed 40000 RPM
3.With balanced can be used for high speed machine processing.
4.The precision of collet chuck are all <= 0.005mm
5. MS Type nut, better to clamping collet and powerful clamping force. Be matched with high precision collet can make the whole small beating.
6.Adaptive collet, spring,coolant,rigid tap,stretching tap,tiny hole,etc. 
7.Cooled milling chuck, better to pretect cutting tool and prolong working life.
8.The collet chuck is through-hole, which is better for watter to get through and anti-vibrant.
9.When using, please put the collet into the nut and then put them into the body together.
10.Supply different kinds of milling chuck,BT-ER milling tool holder,BT-FMA face mill holder,BT-SCA side milling holder,SLA side lock milling tool holder,MTA mose taperholder,BT-APU drill chuck,BT-OZ milling holder,etc.
11.Also have other cnc tools, carbide end mills, collet, nut ,drills, saw balde, carbide inserts, etc.

Any interest please contact me, i will give you the best services.Thank you!

Type d1DL1L2K1K2


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Contact Us
Shandong Jining Qingfeng Machinery Hardware Co.,Ltd

Address: NO.47 Jinyu Road, Jining, Shandong

Tel: +86-537-3281595

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