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Talking About The Tool Loading Forms Of Various Tool Holders

Spring collet chuck tool holder

It is mainly used for clamping straight shank cutters and tools such as drills, milling cutters and taps. The elastic deformation of clamping spring is 1 mm and the clamping range is 0.5-32 mm in diameter.


Hydraulic collet

A - Lock the screw, tighten the lock screw with the inner hexagonal wrench;

B - Lock the piston and press the hydraulic medium into the expansion chamber.

C-expansion chamber, pressure produced by liquid extrusion;

The D-thin expansion bushing can locate the center of tool clamping rod and envelop it evenly during the locking process.

E-special seals ensure ideal seals and long service life.


Heating handle

Applying induction heating technology to heat the clamping part of the tool holder, the diameter of the tool holder will expand, and then the cold tool holder will be put into the hot tool holder. The heating tool holder has large clamping force and good dynamic balance, so it is suitable for high speed machining. Repeated positioning accuracy is high, generally within 2 micron, radial jump within 5 micron; anti-fouling ability is good, anti-interference ability is good in processing. However, only one tool with one handle diameter is suitable for each type of tool shank, and a set of heating equipment is needed.

Fixing principle of heat shrinkable tool handle:


Contact Us
Shandong Jining Qingfeng Machinery Hardware Co.,Ltd

Address: NO.47 Jinyu Road, Jining, Shandong

Tel: +86-537-3281595

Fax: +86-537-3281597

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