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Talking About The Classification And Use Of Hydraulic Toolholder

When it comes to the high precision and stable tool holder, the high precision hydraulic tool holder is the first to be pushed.

Hydraulic tool holder can be easily locked with only one T-wrench. With high precision, convenient operation and diversified selection, hydraulic tool holder is used more and more occasions. Taking our products as an example, this paper briefly introduces the hydraulic tool holder.

Superfine type

This kind of tool holder is suitable for the processing of five-axis machining center, compound machine, etc. and die processing. The outer diameter of the port is very thin, which avoids interference with the workpiece very well. Considering the high-speed machining, BIG adopts a high dynamic balance oil pressure structure, which achieves a maximum speed of 35000 rpm for BBT30 tool holder and a maximum speed of 30000 rpm for BBT40 and HSK-A63. Therefore, in the field of high-speed processing, hydraulic tool holder has become a good choice.

(2) End feeding type

The tool handle can be sprayed with coolant from the front end of the tool handle on a machine tool with central internal cooling.

Because hydraulic tool holder has oil pressure chamber and other mechanisms, it is very difficult to make internal cooling holes in the limited space inside the tool holder.  After unremitting research and development, BIG is the first successful manufacturer in the world to produce an integrated hydraulic tool holder with end-to-end oil feeding mechanism. The front end of the tool handle has a water outlet, which can supply coolant or oil mist near the tool tip, thereby improving the life of the tool.

Straight shank type

This kind of tool holder can be used in hydraulic tool holder to achieve longer extension length, but also can be used in other tool holders to achieve the convenient operation of hydraulic tool holder. It not only improves the universality of high precision hydraulic tool holder, but also is the best choice of anti-interference.

4. Hydraulic Tool Handle for Fine Machining

HSK-E32, HSK-E40 special series of micro-processing, meet the high-precision and repetitive accuracy of the hydraulic tool holder for high-speed rotation, micro-processing requirements. The tool handle diameter of 3mm and 4mm commonly used in fine machining can be used safely even with H6 tolerance. Taking HSK-E32 as an example, the inner diameter is 4mm, the extension length of the tool handle is controlled at 52mm, the weight is only 190g, and the unbalance is less than 1g.mm, which can realize the processing with the highest speed of 45000 rpm.

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