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Summary Of CCMT2018 Part Grinding Machine Tool Exhibits

A summary of grinding machine tool exhibits was released today.

Grinding machine tools

According to available information, there are more than 50 exhibitors of grinding machine tools and about 90 exhibits. Major exhibitors include United Grinding Group, Harding China, Beijing Guangyu Dacheng, Wuxi Mingxin, Wuhan Machine Tool, Codd, Taiping Peking, Agarton China, Jinhua Nabichuan, Rongguang Machinery, Chengtai Machinery, Lulian. Precision, copper gong, Suzhou Halle, Jiangsu Chenguang, Shanghai Machine Tool Factory, Wuxi Changyi, Xinxiang Sunrise CNC, Jinan 4th Aircraft, Nanjing Nantes, Jiangsu Feixiang, Yuhuan CNC, Beijing Baike Machinery, Shanghai Shanneng , Kunshan Jianihe, GHIRINGHELLI (Italy Greene Haili), Ningxia Yinchuan Dahe, Weifang Wei Bao Machinery.

Extensive variety of exhibitions, including cylindrical grinding, internal cylindrical grinding, universal cylindrical grinding, centerless grinding, flat grinding, tool grinding, honing machine, non-circular cylindrical grinding, forming grinding, external cylindrical grinding, deep bore internal circle Grinding machines, double-spindle internal and external cylindrical grinding machines, circular table grinding machines, circular table vertical grinding machines, single/double-end surface grinding machines, curved surface polishing machines, thread grinding machines, CNC spherical grinding machines, center-hole grinding machines, mold grinding machines, worm grinding machines, electrolysis and grinding 2-in-1 grinding machines , Grinding unit, automatic crankshaft parts processing line, linear guide grinding machine, etc.

Grinding machine tools exhibits highlights

(1) In order to obtain good thermal stability and shock resistance of the whole machine, artificial marble materials have been widely used in the field of grinding.

(2) Widely adopt advanced design techniques, optimize and enhance the structure of the machine tool, and enhance the dynamic and static stiffness of the machine tool.

(3) Many manufacturers randomly provide highly-usable grinding software and conversational and iconic programming methods to provide effective support for the user's work and the efficiency of the machine tool.

(4) The level of automation and intelligence is generally higher, especially in the tool grinding, such as the machine built-in loading and unloading robot, with process monitoring, on-line measurement, contact induction, automatic grinding wheel dressing, grinding wheel automatic dynamic balance and many other Functions and automatic tuning and adjustment of servo parameters.

(5) Direct drive technology, such as the application of linear motors and direct drive turrets and turrets, has effectively improved the drive quality, machining efficiency and processing quality of the machine tool.

(6) The market positioning of various types of aircraft is clear, its use is clear, and its professional skills are superb.

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