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Relevant Matters Needing Attention In Using Telescopic Torsion Tapping Tool Handle

1. Telescopic mechanism of tapping tool holder

The tapping tool holder itself has a telescopic mechanism. This prevents the tooth spacing of twin screw and tap from smoothly synchronizing with the mechanical feed. It must be used within the range of expansion and expansion.

Excessive elongation

When the elongation limit is exceeded, the black mark will come out. Please speed up the feed of the machine tool.

(2) Compression Excess

Machine tool feed faster than tap feed, compressor mechanism action, please reduce machine tool feed, not close.

2. When the bottom hole is small (when the material is difficult to cut, the bottom hole is not enough), the torsion protection mechanism makes the tap idle. In this case, do not adjust the torque (ZK tapping sleeve occasion), please expand the bottom hole.

3. When blind hole tapping, the Z-axis instruction of the program is too deep, when spindle rotation stops, the bottom of the hole can not be extended under the action of rotation force because it touches the bottom. When reversed, the original length can not be restored at the exit, and the tap is easy to touch the blind hole mouth. In this case, deepen the bottom hole or shallow the instruction value.

4. In the case of Z-type tapping tool holder, the fixed feed of the machine, Z-point inversion starts Z-rise, tapping tool holder rises on Z-axis in the shortened state, and the hole is easy to meet with the tap. In this case, Z-point enters a standstill, tapping handle rises along with Z-axis in the extended state.

5. Repair fees for tapping tool holder and sleeve, after artificial damage and warranty period, repair and inspection are charged (basic cost).


Contact Us
Shandong Jining Qingfeng Machinery Hardware Co.,Ltd

Address: NO.47 Jinyu Road, Jining, Shandong

Tel: +86-537-3281595

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