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Function Of CNC Tool Holder

The turret on the NC machine tool is an important part of the tool, many of which are also directly involved in cutting work, such as the quartet turret on the horizontal lathe, turret of turret lathe, return wheel turret of turning turret lathe, automatic lathe turret and balance turret, etc.

These knives are not only placed in the tool, but also directly involved in cutting, under the great cutting force effect, so it often becomes a weak link in the process system.

With the development of automation technology, machine tool turret also has a lot of changes, especially the CNC lathe using electric (liquid) transposition of the automatic turret, some also use two rotary knife plate. Machining Center has further adopted the tool library and tool changer manipulator, has fixed the function of the large capacity storage tool and the automatic Exchange tool, this tool storehouse puts the number of knives from dozens of to hundred, the automatic Exchange tool time reduces from more than 10 seconds to a few seconds or even fraction seconds. Therefore, the performance and structure of the turret often directly affect the cutting performance, cutting efficiency and the technical level of the machine tool design and manufacture.

Contact Us
Shandong Jining Qingfeng Machinery Hardware Co.,Ltd

Address: NO.47 Jinyu Road, Jining, Shandong

Tel: +86-537-3281595

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