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Development Direction Of Machine Tool Accessories Industry

In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic machine tool accessories industry has driven the demand for machine tool accessories to some extent. The development of the automotive industry has made the machine tool accessories industry more prosperous. However, at present, local Chinese companies are gathering at the middle and low-end products. With prices as the main means of competition, their ability to resist risks is not strong and their industrial concentration is low. How should SMEs be dealt with in a highly competitive market environment?

The machine tool attachment is an accessory device for expanding the processing performance and the use range of the machine tool. A wide range of machine tool accessories, including collet chucks,CNC tools and other accessories with high accuracy and high speed, such as ER collets(5μ/8μ),SK collets (5μ/8μ),EOC(OZ) collets(10μ/5μ),C-straight collets(10μ/5μ) and BT/SK(DIN69871)/CAT.HSK taper shank collet chucks, as well as other precision accessories, and so on.

Following the rapid development of the national economy, the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, and the increasing demand for the entire manufacturing technology advancement and national defense modernization, driven by the rapid growth in fixed asset investment, the market for China's machine tool attachment tools is showing a trend of both production and demand. Some experts predict that the growth rate of demand for China's machine tool accessories market will reach 16.1% in 2014, faster than metal cutting machine tools and forming machine tools.

Nowadays, there are hundreds or even thousands of brands of Chinese machine tool accessories, but they are mainly concentrated in the low-end and middle-end industries. Small and medium-sized enterprises rely on price wars to ensure the survival and operation of their businesses in the market, thus forming a vicious environment. Competition has led to a sluggish overall market for the machine tool accessories industry, and the quality of products varies widely. How to get out of this predicament and let the Chinese machine tool accessory industry enter a virtuous circle.

First of all, it needs its own hard iron. Only advanced technology, good quality, and brand-like service can truly make Chinese machine tool accessories become world brands, and make ‘Made in China’ is no longer a synonym for low-end and cheap. Only high quality can represent the growing strength of China's industrial level and establish a new image of China's 'high-end manufacturing'. Only in this way can companies have better development.

At present, for local Chinese companies, the combination of medium and low-end products, with price as the main means of competition, has little ability to resist risks and low industrial concentration. Even in this environment, there are still some new brands entering the market, showing the intense competition in the industry. Want to survive, technology and services are particularly important, China's machine tool accessories industry should be under the industry associations, unite to form the core competitiveness, abandon some of the low-end industrial chain, from the production of the past to the high-precision production chain model The integration of the manufacturing mode with the technology unit will enable Chinese machine tool accessories' R&D capabilities and high-end products to compete with world-famous brands and compete with one another, allowing China's high-end technology products to go abroad.

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Shandong Jining Qingfeng Machinery Hardware Co.,Ltd

Address: NO.47 Jinyu Road, Jining, Shandong

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