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Characteristics And Selection Of Powerful Milling Tool Handle

In the actual field processing, the use of powerful milling tool holder is very common, which is used by many users as the basic tool holder. Here are some key points that some samples will not mention.

(1) On the Clamping Force

It is difficult to quantitatively answer the question of "how many kg m is the minimum required gripping force (to keep the knife from dropping)".

Taking Dazhaohe powerful milling tool holder with holding force of 300 kg m as an example, the actual cutting torque of 32 milling cutter is not more than 60 kg m, even if safety factor is taken into account, 250 kg m is enough.

(2) Sufficient shrinkage of inner diameter

In practical application, there are many occasions when the diameter of the tool handle is close to the lower tolerance limit and matches with the variable diameter sleeve. No matter how big the clamping force is, the clamping force can only be generated when the clearance between the inner wall of the tool handle and the diameter changing sleeve, the clearance between the diameter changing sleeve and the handle of the tool are zero. If the inner wall of the tool handle does not have a contraction of more than 0.1-0.12 mm, then the clamping force is difficult to achieve the nominal value.

(3) There are grooves containing oil film on the inner wall.

Slot size is very important, too small can not play a role, too wide will damage the handle of the tool, resulting in problems in the use process. For example, the handle with 300 kg m clamping force bears 2 tons of pressure per cm2 appointment.

(4) Inner wall thickness

Recently, the tool handle with inner wall thickness of 10mm has become the mainstream product, which not only ensures the clamping force, but also enhances the rigidity.

(5) Runout accuracy

When the cutting parameters are improved, it is easy to pay attention to the problem of clamping force.

It is generally known that feeding is the most important factor affecting the machining efficiency in cutting conditions, but it is often unknown that the most important factor affecting the runout accuracy. In addition, it is easy to think about the rigidity of the tool handle when the tool shaker occurs, but in fact, it is also one of the important reasons that part of the tool shaker is caused by the excessive runout accuracy of the tool handle.

(6) The center and port should be clamped.

There is a tendency of weakening the clamping force at the end of the powerful tool handle in the needle-rolling locking mode, especially when the small-diameter cutting tool is clamped with a straight cylinder clamp sleeve.

In order to solve this problem, Dazhaohe thinks that it is better to open a proper slit in the depth of the inside diameter of the tool handle. The slit can make the body shrink evenly, increase the shrinkage and improve the runout accuracy. In other words, it is indispensable for improving clamping force, runout precision and clamping force of port position to set reasonable slit at the inner diameter of powerful tool handle.

(7) High durability

According to Article 3, the strong knife handle of needle locking type will produce 60 tons of pressure after tightening the nut. The surface of the needle will be worn out after long use. At this time, the life of the knife handle should be considered.

The service life of the powerful milling tool holder in the market varies from 1 to 5 times, which requires the user to have sufficient discrimination


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