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CCMT2018 Press Conference Successfully Held In Shanghai

China National Machine Tool Industry Association Wang Liming press release

It is reported that the 10th China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition (CCMT2018) will be held on April 9-13, 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The theme of this year's exhibition is "Focus - Digital, Internet, and Intellectual Creation". This theme accurately and vividly reflects the characteristics of China's machine tool industry and the era of the industrial market. Focusing on digitalization, focusing on interconnection, and focusing on intelligent manufacturing, CCMT2018 will focus on displaying the latest application results and provide everyone with a rare opportunity for communication.

The following is the contents of the CCMT2018 press conference, covering the exhibitors and exhibits, the international exchanges and industry activities during the exhibition, as well as the protection and service work of the exhibition.

Press release content:

I. Introduction to exhibitors, exhibition areas and exhibits

Up to now, a total of more than 1200 machine tool industry manufacturers from 23 countries and regions including China, Germany, the United States, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and China Taiwan have registered for the exhibition, of which more than 500 overseas exhibitors have exhibited. Out of the total area of 40% of the total area, nearly 5 percentage points more than the previous CCMT show, the exhibition's international participation to further enhance. Machine tool associations and trade promotion agencies from 10 countries and regions including Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Japan, the Czech Republic, France and Taiwan will organize exhibitions. Among them, France is the first time to organize a delegation.

CCMT2018 will use 10 indoor exhibition halls of Shanghai New International Expo Center N1-N5, W1-W5, with a total exhibition area of 120,000 square meters. Among them, the overseas exhibition halls use the N1, N4, and W3 galleries, and the domestic exhibition halls use the N2, W1, W2, W4, and W5 galleries. The N3 and N5 galleries are domestic and foreign mixed exhibitions.

At the same time, specialization of exhibitions has been further strengthened. The domestic exhibition area arranges the exhibition layout according to the type of exhibits, and implements domestic and foreign mixed exhibitions in the areas of industrial robots and automation equipment, forming and laser processing machine tools, cutting tools, and jigs and fixtures, and provides visitors and purchasers of professional visitors and purchasers with Convenience.


There are many exhibits in this year's show, including new products and exquisite products. The scope covers metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, special processing machine tools, flexible processing units, automated production lines, industrial robots, control systems and automation components, functional parts, and measuring tools. There are many products such as fixtures, measuring and testing instruments, accessories and materials.

According to the exhibitor’s reported exhibits, we summarized the four highlights of the following exhibits.

One Aspect: Digitalization, Interoperability - Boosting Manufacturing Model Transformation

Digital manufacturing is an inevitable choice for the global manufacturing industry in the future. The transformation and transition of the manufacturing model urgently needs new solutions, technologies, and products. CNC machine tools will also take advantage of this a priori in the new round of industrial revolution and continue to be an important factor in leading future manufacturing. At this exhibition we can continue to visit the classic digital manufacturing solutions. Such as Siemens' PLM lifecycle management software, MAZAK's SPS intelligent plant management system, OKUMA's "Okuma Smart Factory" smart factory, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC's "eF@ctory" FA integration solution, and GF's WSM workshop Management solutions. At the same time, we can also see a number of newly introduced digital solutions, especially the domestic debut of the program, showing the "China Made 2025" power strategy made the initial results and strong development momentum.

Aspect 2: Integration - Function, Efficiency

The integration and integration of processes, processes, machine tool structures and functions, and work methods in accordance with a certain objective to obtain high-performance and high-efficiency products is not only a trend of technological innovation and development, but also an inevitable demand for market development. With the development of technology and market, the connotation of integration is also continuously expanding and deepening. In this exhibition, many composite machine tools, processing units, production lines, multi-spindle machine tools, automatic line stand-alone and other exhibits will show the concept of integration from multiple perspectives. The latest developments and bring more new options to our customers.

Aspect 3: Smart Technology - Human-Machine Fusion, Provides Excellent Operational Support

Contemporary computers and information technologies have promoted the rapid development of smart technologies, and smart technologies have become symbols and symbols of high-end products. This exhibition is a grand event of smart technology. A variety of smart technologies are used in the form of software and functions. They run through various elements of process design, programming, simulation and inspection, set-up and operation, process control and inspection, maintenance and maintenance. It provides strong support for homework and demonstrates the most attractive aspect of modern machine tools.

Aspect Four: Special Equipment - Tailor Made, Ingeniously Made

The machine tool is the product with the most personalized service features. This exhibition has many kinds of special equipments that are tailor-made and ingeniously manufactured to participate in the exhibition. It presents features such as multiple models, wide coverage, technical expertise, and close to the market. The close cooperation between machine tool manufacturing companies and the market and users has been more fully demonstrated in special machine tools. This exhibition provides a rare opportunity for customers who need efficient and high-performance special equipment.

II. International exchanges and industry activities during the exhibition

1. 2018 Machine Tool Manufacturing CEO International Forum

The China Machine Tool Industry Association will hold the "2018 Machine Tool Manufacturing CEO International Forum" at the Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel on the day before the opening of CCMT2018 on April 8, 2018 (Sunday). The theme of the forum is: "Focus - Digital • Internet • Intelligence". This theme responds to the latest changes in the consumer market of machine tools at home and abroad, condenses the attention and thinking of the future development direction of the machine tool industry at home and abroad. At that time, the organizers will invite industry industry organization leaders, well-known corporate CEOs or technology executives to deliver speeches and invite more than 100 senior management personnel and technology executives from the global machine tool industry, representatives from the user field, some experts and scholars, media representatives, etc. Participate in forum activities.

2. Annual meeting of domestic CNC machine tool application forum and long-term cooperation mechanism

From April 9 to 10, the annual meeting of the China-made CNC Machine Tool Application and Long-term Cooperation Mechanism will be held in Shanghai in 2018. The meeting was entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Defense Industry and Technology Industry Bureau to the China Machine Tool Industry Association and the China Peaceful Uses of Military Technology Association for specific organization and contractors.

The conference will report the current situation and related support policies, industry development and demand status, release the recommended catalogue of domestic high-end CNC machine tools, the results of CNC machine tools, and the requirements of CNC machine tools, further clarify and refine the evaluation requirements of CNC machine tools, and visit the machine tools. Exhibitions and special exhibitions of CNC machine tools, inspecting the latest development of CNC machine tool industry at home and abroad, and promoting deep communication between supply and demand. There will be more than 80 military-industrial enterprises and more than 50 representatives of machine tool manufacturers.

3. International Business Forum

On April 11, the China Machine Tool Industry Association will organize an "International Business Forum." The conference will discuss ways to break through geographical constraints and deepen international cooperation during the global economic downturn, and discuss how governments and intermediary organizations can provide support for the internationalization of enterprises' convenience. To this end, the Ministry of Commerce will be invited to lead the overseas investment and foreign trade management department leaders to introduce the macro environment and related policies. Overseas institutions will also be invited to introduce investment projects.

4. CNC machine special achievements exhibition and performance test results of functional parts

During the CCMT2018 exhibition, the China Machine Tool Industry Association will continue to host the special exhibition of CNC machine tools organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The special exhibition area is located in Hall W5 of Shanghai New International Expo Center. The booth number is W5-A311. The exhibition area is about 160 square meters. This special exhibition will not only introduce the results achieved by the industry enterprises in terms of technical progress and new product development since the implementation of the special projects, but will also exhibit special exhibits such as 5-axis linkage machine tools and numerical control systems in the special exhibition area.

In addition, the results of the test of functional component performance will be held in the special technical exchange zone on the opening day (April 9, 2018). The conference was sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and organized by China Machine Tool Industry Association. The conference will report on the performance and reliability test results of rolling functional components, and will release performance test results of products with rolling functional components.

5. Announcement of the 2017 "Top 10 Industry" selection results

The top ten industry appraisal results have strong credibility. It has positively promoted product technology innovation in the machine tool industry, improved quality and reliability, and created Chinese machine tool brand products. In 2017, the “Top Ten Independent Innovation” and “Top Ten Product Quality” assessments of the machine tool industry were officially launched in early September 2017. After the company’s declaration, basic conditions review, user site verification research, expert review scoring, and media After the publicity and other assessment procedures, the final results will be announced on the afternoon of April 9, 2018 at the award ceremony held on the entrance hall No. 1 of CCMT2018.

6. Selection of CCMT2018 Chunyan Award

As a traditional award created in 1988, Chunyan Award played a positive role in promoting the development and innovation of enterprise products and enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. In recognition of product development and innovation, the association will continue to carry out the “Chun Yan Award” selection campaign during CCMT2018 China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition.

The Chunyan Award selection activities adhere to the principles of fairness and fairness. All exhibitors of the China Machine Tool Industry Association can participate in the declaration. The products required to be declared should be self-owned domestic brands, and are newly-innovated products newly researched and developed in the near future. The results of innovation are significant. They have the advanced level of international similar products or domestic leading level, the localization rate is high, the quality is stable and reliable, and the market prospects are good. It is beautiful and practical. It has great potential in meeting the needs of the national economy and national defense construction as well as in import substitution. It shows good economic and social benefits.

During the exhibition, the association will organize the experts of the machine tool industry to review the declared exhibits, and hold an award ceremony on the afternoon of April 9, 2018 in the entrance hall of CCMT2018 exhibition hall to announce the list of award-winning companies and products, and issue medals and honorary certificates.

7. Setting up a "window for schools" exhibition area - promoting exchanges and cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes

In order to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation between research institutes and enterprises of universities, the China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association will continue to set up this professional after the launch of the new window of “Schools Window” at CIMT2015, CCMT2016 and CIMT2017. Exhibition area. The exhibition area is located at Shanghai New International Expo Center N5-B402. The exhibition area is 100 square meters.

Currently registered schools include: Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Hefei University of Technology, Nanjing Institute of Technology, and Nanjing University of Technology.

In the “Window for Institutions” exhibition area, the 2018 “Contemporary Processing” Video Contest will be held in order to promote the enthusiasm of university students in the mechanical processing industry to connect with practice, and to demonstrate the spirit of contemporary young students who are struggling to make progress and forge ahead.

8. Technical exchange activities

During the exhibition, the organizers will continue to build a technology exchange platform to assist exhibitors to hold technical exchange seminars. It is expected that more than 30 technical seminars will be held.

Third, the exhibition of various protection and service work

1. Exhibition information inquiry service

The level of informatization of this exhibition has reached a new level. During the exhibition, the organizer will open the CCMT2018 “Exhibitor Exhibits” micro-page on the WeChat subscription for the first time. The six sections cover highlights, exhibitor lists, exhibits, pavilion layout and other information. Visitors can look for exhibits at any time and in any place through product classifications and find exhibitors through the exhibition hall, booth number, country and region, or exhibitor names. You can also preview highlights and get a full picture of the exhibition.

In addition, this exhibition further expanded the printout of the electronic version of the “Exhibition Directory” and distributed it on the general information platform in the form of a CD-ROM, which facilitates the information inquiry, carrying, and collection of exhibitors and viewers.

2. Media Services

We have a "news center" in the exhibition hall, located in room B1 on the first floor of Hall N2. The news center will set necessary hardware equipment such as the Internet and fax, and provide the latest publicity information to facilitate the media and friends' propaganda and reporting work.

3. Public Security, Fire Protection, Safety Supervision

In order to ensure the security of the exhibition and fire safety, the main contractor arranges the construction and entering and dismantling of the exhibition in accordance with relevant regulations under the guidance and supervision of the Shanghai Public Security, Fire Protection, and Safety Supervision Departments.

4. Audience login and traffic

In order to facilitate the registration of visitors, the main contractor has a visitor login and exchange counter at the entrance halls 1, 2 and 3 of the exhibition hall. The use of more convenient ways of registering and collecting visitors will make it easier for visitors to visit. Visitors can pre-register with the CCMT exhibition and the WeChat association, and collect the badges at the exhibition counter on an artificial counter or an intelligent self-service machine. Pre-registered viewers can use the verification code, two-dimensional code or barcode, and mobile phone number for forensics. Visitors who are not pre-registered can fill in the form to collect the certificate at the exhibition site, and can also use the self-service machine to scan the ID card or self-service card for the business card. The exhibition provided a variety of self-help visits, which greatly facilitated the audience and increased efficiency. At the same time, strengthen the traffic organization of the exhibition, set up an audience bus stop at the Longyang Road Station, and increase the number of battery cars in the hall so that the audience can quickly reach the exhibition hall.

5. Catering and living reception

We will add some food and beverage outlets in the Shanghai New International Expo Center pavilion to provide a more convenient dining service. Water stations will be set up near N3 and W3, and visitors can receive free mineral water.


Since its inception, CCMT has experienced wind and rain with the Chinese machine tool industry, and has gradually grown and expanded into the ranks of influential professional machine tool exhibitions. It has become an important exhibition activity for the global machine tool industry in China. “Made in China 2025” clarifies the long-term strategic layout of China’s manufacturing industry, and ranks high-end CNC machine tools as one of the key development areas. It also allows us to see the future development prospects of the CNC machine tool industry.

The 2017 Central Economic Work Conference held that China’s economic development has also entered a new era. The basic feature is that China’s economy has shifted from a high-speed growth phase to a high-quality development phase. The current deepening supply-side structural reforms are driving the transformation of China from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing powerhouse, while also boosting the transformation of the machine tool industry.

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