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Brief Analysis Of Common Classification And Processing Characteristics Of Turning Center

Turning center is based on the lathe as the basic body, and on its basis to further increase the power milling, drilling, boring, and vice-spindle function, so that car parts need two, three processing processes completed in the turning center.

The turning center can be divided into two kinds of turret type and turret type according to the turret form:
The rake type is that the tool arranges a plurality of driving knives or fixed knives in different directions on three surfaces, and the knives are moved by the movement of the table coordinates to complete machining operations of the face, radial and eccentric vehicles, milling, drilling and boring. The limitation is that there is a conflict between the size of the machining work and the number of tools. The work piece is large and the tool is reduced. This is not conducive to the machining of large work pieces. The advantage is that the tool change speed is fast and the machining time is short. This is the first choice for efficient machining of small work pieces.
The turret type turning center is equipped with a power turret mounted on the worktable, which can support various machining operations of the end face and radial direction. The eccentricity of the turning face and the radial direction of the turned part can be achieved through the lifting and lowering (Y axis function) of the power turret. The processing operations, after processing a process, turret rotation to replace another tool to process, in order to complete the complex processing steps, the number of power tools can be more or less, depending on the size of the machine tool, the turret will take up a larger Space, in addition can also be installed in the tailstock sub-spindle, so that processing is more simplified.

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