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Vertical turning center production process

With the development trend of multi-axis and compounding of vertical turning center products, and with the characteristics of high efficiency, multi-energy, and high precision, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. equipment manufacturing plant has developed an opposed twin-shaft vertical turning center. The machine tool can adapt to the common high-precision and high-precision machining of the common metal material parts at both ends. It can realize full-automatic production, and can be easily connected into the automatic production line, or form a new series with the same type of vertical turning center. Highly flexible processing automatic line.
With the production industry starting to rely on a variety of machines for processing, it can guarantee the production quality of parts, and can achieve better results for the production of high-precision precision parts. Now the overall application of CNC vertical turning centers is also The beginning is very extensive, it can really bring us better use of results, and in the process of using almost no fault problems, the following will give you a comprehensive introduction to the characteristics of the use of this turning center.
1. When the vertical turning center is in use, not only can the efficiency of production and processing be higher, but also the stability of the processing can be better improved, and the complexity of the overall processing production can be greatly simplified and the production can be carried out. In terms of efficiency, we can also achieve higher standards, so we can achieve higher production efficiency in a short period of time, and bring absolute guarantees to the processing and production of the company. Currently, it is recognized by many businesses and is being processed. There will be no error in production.
2. By using the vertical turning center for processing and production, the entire production process can be simplified, and the precision of processing can be improved when used, avoiding various complicated error values, and errors are accumulated in the process. It will also have a particularly serious impact, which will affect the overall standards of production accuracy, and it may also waste raw materials to a certain extent, and there will be many problems in the process of sales, so in order to satisfy the public users The use of demand, in the production process must achieve higher accuracy. In the selection of mechanical equipment also need to pay attention to very high performance.
3, in the production and processing process also need to achieve a higher process standards, naturally can make the use of more perfect, can shorten the overall manufacturing process chain, when we process production, do not need to invest too much work Personnel come to care, so in terms of production and processing operations, the overall cost of capital will be reasonably controlled, and now in the process of processing and production, there is an online intelligent monitoring system, and any problem can be directly alarmed. Staff can * understand the situation.
Although CNC vertical turning centers have these advantages and characteristics when they are used, the premise is that everyone must perform the correct operations and must select the equipments produced by regular manufacturers to use them in order to achieve a good use advantage. Can avoid any unexpected problems in the process of use, so everyone must also be able to strictly select and contrast when making purchases.
Vertical turning center features:
1, small footprint zui: In the same capacity, double-axis vertical lathe occupied about half of the small.
2. Easy to operate: The electronic control system adopts the double system mode of operation for easy operation.
3, low processing costs: double-axis vertical lathe processing output, about equal to the production of two single-blade shaft, the investment cost is reduced, the relative processing costs also follow.
4. Fast logistics: The rapid delivery of large-scale processing parts is where the competitiveness lies. The double-shaft vertical-lime vehicle can quickly increase the competitiveness of incoming and outgoing cargo flows, reduce the backlog of raw material costs, and reserve space.
5, multi-function: with the C-axis will be car, milling, drilling, tapping complex features of the advantages of high efficiency, small footprint, low-cost fast logistics to do an excellent show.
6. The all-cast structural design of the portal column increases the stability of the machine.
7, 4 slide rail design, high-precision, high-stability mechanical architecture.

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