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High-efficiency CNC lathes are classified according to their technological uses

A CNC system has many functions, including basic functions - essential functions of CNC devices; selection functions - functions for users to choose. Some functions are selected to solve different processing objects, some to improve the processing quality, some to facilitate programming, some to improve the operation and maintenance performance of high efficiency CNC lathes. Some of the selection functions are relevant, and you have to choose another one to choose this one. Therefore, according to the design requirements of machine tools to choose, do not do without analysis, high efficiency CNC lathe selection function too many steps, and the relevant functions are omitted, so that CNC machine tools function is reduced, resulting in unnecessary losses.

High efficiency CNC lathe is the abbreviation of digital control machine tool. It is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control system. The control system can logically process and decode programs with control codes or other symbolic instructions, so that the machine tool can move the CNC bending machine and process parts.

High-efficiency CNC lathes are classified according to their technological uses

Heavy cutting CNC lathe, including CNC lathe, CNC drilling machine, CNC milling machine, CNC grinder, CNC boring machine hair and processing center. These machine tools are suitable for single-piece, small batch and multi-variety and parts processing, with good consistency of processing size, high productivity and automation, as well as high equipment flexibility.

Metal forming CNC machine tools; such machine tools include CNC bending machine, CNC combined punch, CNC pipe bending machine, CNC rotary press and so on.

NC special machine tools; such machine tools include CNC wire (electrode) cutting machine tools, CNC EDM machine tools, CNC flame cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine tools, special modular machine tools and so on.

Other types of CNC equipment; non-processing equipment uses CNC technology, such as automatic assembly machine, multi-coordinate measuring machine, automatic plotter and industrial robots.

The basic components of high-efficiency CNC lathe include processing program carrier, CNC device, servo drive device, machine tool body and other auxiliary devices. The basic working principles of each component are outlined below.

1. Processing Program Carrier

When heavy cutting CNC lathe works, it does not need workers to operate the machine directly. To control the CNC machine tool, it is necessary to compile the processing program. In the part processing program, it includes the relative motion trajectory of the tool and workpiece on the machine tool, the process parameters (feed spindle speed, etc.) and the auxiliary motion. The part processing program is stored in a program carrier with a certain format and code, such as punched tape, cassette tape, floppy disk, etc. The program information is input into CNC unit through the input device of CNC machine tool.

2. NC Device

The core of high efficiency CNC lathe. Modern CNC devices are all in the form of CNC. This kind of CNC devices generally use multiple microprocessor shot blasting machines to realize CNC functions in the form of programmed software, so it is also called Software NC. CNC system is a position control system. It interpolates the ideal trajectory according to the input data, and then outputs it to the executive parts to process the required parts. Therefore, the NC device is mainly composed of three basic parts: input, processing and output. All these works are reasonably organized by computer system program, so that the whole system can work in harmony.

(1) The input device inputs the NC instructions to the NC device. According to the different program carriers, there are different input devices. At present, there are mainly keyboard input, disk input, direct communication mode input of CAD/CAM system and DNC (direct numerical control) input connecting the upper computer. There are still many systems that retain the paper tape input form of photoelectric reader.

1) Paper tape input mode. The paper tape photoelectric reader can be used to read parts program, directly control the movement of machine tools, or the paper tape content can be read into memory, and the parts program stored in memory can be used to control the movement of machine tools.

2) Manual data input mode of MDI. Operators can use the keyboard on the operation panel to input instructions of the processing program, which is suitable for shorter programs.

The high efficiency CNC lathe uses software to input the processing program under the Editing State (EDIT) of the control device and stores it in the memory of the control device. This input method can reuse the program. This method is commonly used in manual programming.

On the NC device with session programming function, according to the questions prompted on the display, different menus can be selected, and the relevant dimension numbers can be input by means of man-machine conversation, so that the processing program can be automatically generated.

3) High efficiency CNC lathe adopts DNC direct CNC input mode. The part program is saved in the upper computer, and the CNC system receives the following program segments from the computer while processing. DNC mode is mostly used in the case of complex workpiece designed by CAD/CAM software and directly generating part program.

(2) The information processing input device transmits the processing information to the CNC unit and compiles it into information that can be recognized by the computer. The information processing part stores and processes it step by step according to the regulation of the control program, and sends out position and speed instructions to the servo system and the main motion control part through the output unit. The input data of CNC system include: the outline information of parts (starting point, end point, straight line, arc, etc.), processing speed and other auxiliary processing information (such as tool change, speed change, coolant switch etc.). The purpose of data processing is to prepare for interpolation operation.

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