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Function description of various functions of horizontal lathes

Horizontal lathe components
(1) Transmission The transmission is used to change the spindle speed. It is mainly composed of a transmission shaft and a transmission gear. By manipulating the shift handles outside the gearbox and headstock to change the position of the gears or clutches, the spindle can achieve 12 different speeds. The reversal of the spindle is achieved by reversing the motor.
(2) Spindle headstock The spindle headstock is used to support the spindle and allow it to rotate at various speeds; the spindle is hollow and allows easy passage through long workpieces; the spindle can be installed at the front of the spindle with a taper hole*, or with the spindle front end Cone-mounted chucks and dials for clamping workpieces.
(3) Hanging wheel box The hanging wheel box is used for gears with different numbers of teeth to obtain different feed rates. Mainly used for turning different types of threads.
(4) Feed box The feed box is used to change the feed. The movement of the main shaft into the feed box through the hanging wheel box changes the meshing position of the sliding gear in the feed box by moving the shift handle, so that the light rod or the screw rod can obtain different rotation speeds.
(5) Travel box The travel box is used to change the rotation of the light bar and screw to the automatic feed motion of the tool post. The light bar is used for general turning and the lead screw is used only for the thread of the car. An interlock mechanism is provided in the carriage box so that the two cannot be used at the same time.
(6) Knife holder The knife holder is used to hold the turning tool and make it move vertically, horizontally or diagonally. It consists of the following parts:
1) Bed saddle. It is connected with the carriage box and can be moved longitudinally along the bed rails with transverse rails above it.
2) Skateboarding. Can be moved laterally along the rails on the saddle.
3) Turntable. It is fastened with a screw in the middle slide, and can be turned at any angle in the horizontal plane by loosening the screw.
4) Small skateboard. It can move a short distance along the guide rail above the turntable; when the turntable is deflected by a certain angle, the small slide can be fed diagonally to facilitate the taper of the car.
5) Square tool holder It is fixed on the small slide and can hold four turning tools at the same time. When the lock handle is released, the square tool holder can be turned and the required turning tool can be replaced to the working position.
1—* 2—Sleeve locking handle 3—*Sleeve 4—Screw 5—Nut 6—Tailstock locking handle 7—Handwheel 8—Tailstock body 9—Plinth
7) Tailstock The tailstock is used to support the workpiece after installation, or to install tools such as drills and reamers for hole machining. Tailstock structure shown in Figure 3, it is mainly composed of sleeve, tailstock body, base and other parts. By turning the hand wheel, the sleeve can be adjusted to telescope a certain distance, and the tailstock can also be moved along the bed rail to the desired position to meet the requirements of different workpiece processing.
8) The bed of the bed is fixed on the leg of the bed, which is the basic support of the lathe. The function of the bed is to support the main components and keep them in accurate relative position during work.
9) Leadscrew The lead screw can drive the longitudinal movement of the large pallet for turning threads. The lead screw is one of the main precision parts in the lathe and generally does not use screw feed automatically to maintain the accuracy of the screw for a long time.
10) Light bar The light bar is used to transfer motion during motorized feed. Through the light bar, the movement of the feed box can be transmitted to the carriage box, so that the carriage can be moved vertically or horizontally.
11) Joystick The joystick is the control mechanism of the lathe. There is a handle on the left end of the joystick and the right side of the drag box. The operator can conveniently control the handle to control the forward, reverse or stop of the lathe spindle.
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