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Can sharing machine tools lead the manufacturing industry to high-end?

Recently, more than 80 "shared machine tools" of Liaoning Shenyang Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. landed in Zhizhuang Valley, 5D, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, attracting many manufacturers and entrepreneurs to settle in.


Can "sharing machine tools" lead the manufacturing industry to high-end?

Today, the concept of "sharing economy" has led to a large number of new industries. As a new type of "sharing production end" model, "sharing machine tools" has distortedly changed the traditional resource allocation method and was considered as a breakthrough to promote the development of China's manufacturing industry to the high end. Shenyang machine tool to explore the "shared machine tool" new model, can lead the manufacturing industry to high-end? The reporter recently came to Shenyang machine tool to find out.

Sharing Value with Stakeholders

"Big data reshaping commercial civilization, the sharing of production end (machine) is a revolution in equipment manufacturing industry." Said Guan Xiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group.

Shenyang Machine Tool Co., formerly known as Shenyang Machine Tool Plant during the "1st Five-Year Plan" period, is the birthplace of the first ordinary machine tool in New China, and its annual sales of machine tools are the largest in the world. In 2007, Shenyang Machine Tool invested more than 1 billion yuan. After 7 years of unremitting efforts, it has developed i5 intelligent machine tools with intelligent and interconnected functions (“i5” is an integration of industrialization, information, networking, intelligence, and integration,” i" is the English initials of this "five." Last year, Shenyang Machine Tool released the world's first industrial operating system, and it is open to the world's developers and users free of charge.

According to the traditional production method, a worker operates a machine tool; the “sharing machine tool” connects the i5 intelligent machine tool through an industrial operating system, and realizes the sharing of production, resources, talents, technology, and services.

How to share industrial manufacturing? Guan Xiyou explained that the traditional business model of manufacturing enterprises is the “arbitrage” and “price increase” model. The model created by Shenyang Machine Tool is to realize value sharing with stakeholders through the “time, quantity, and value” approach; past manufacturing The organizational structure of the company is established for management and control, does not create value, and the organizational structure under the shared model is established based on the value of the information technology; the previous measurement standards have no consensus in the industry, and the current shared cloud platform allows everyone to create value. It can be measured and shared in real time. The past technological breakthroughs are the creation of new formulas and logic. The sharing model is a breakthrough through case precipitation.

To "reduce" for manufacturing companies

How can "sharing machine tools" promote the rejuvenation of the northeast old industrial base and even benefit the Chinese real economy? In response to a reporter's question, Ma Shaojun, general manager of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Market Center, gave an answer: Using the advantages of the Northeast Industrial Base and high-skilled talents to “reduce the burden” for manufacturing companies and take orders for SMEs. Entrepreneurial team pave the way for "bags in".

In Shenzhen, a local manufacturing company has become a beneficiary of "shared machine tools." The company has more than 500 employees. Last year, it added the "metal cutting technology" production line and received a million orders from a U.S. mobile phone supplier. Enterprise general manager Wen Kai said: "If a company purchases 500 machine tools for this purpose, more than 200,000 yuan will have to pay more than 100 million yuan at a time. With a "sharing machine tool," a machine tool will pay 5,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan each month. Yuan's rent can be, the burden is greatly reduced." Not only that, Wen Kai also found the necessary skills in the sharing platform. Shenyang Machine Tool has dispatched more than 300 skilled workers in two batches. In more than two months, the order fulfillment rate reached 106% and the product yield reached 100%. Wenkai, who had tasted the sweetness, signed a contract with Shenyang Machine Tool this year to build a "smart factory" in a shared mode.

In the smart factory of Hubei Shiyan Shengweilu Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., nine "shared machine tools" were back in operation in three shifts. The local founders are using these machines to undertake various types of orders. The machine tools are not idle and the processing volume is doubled. Zheng Weiwei, general manager of Shengweiwei Company, said: “The iron-clad ‘shared machine tools’, users and orders are flowing.”

"When the order is good, I can share it with other SMEs. They help me to quickly complete the order together. Everyone makes money together." Zheng Jianwei said.

At the smart display center of Shenyang Machine Tool Nice Nice Industrial Services Co., Ltd., Xin Zhixin, the head of Shenyang Machine Tool, is monitoring the usage of the “sharing machine tool” on the big screen. Zhai Zhixin told reporters that internal employees proposed a "safety entrepreneurship" model, where the company docked the market to provide site, raw materials, and equipment maintenance services. Entrepreneurial teams could implement "bags in". “In the sharing model, everyone in the industry chain is not an employment relationship but an interest-related relationship. That is, everyone can become a blue-collar boss.”

Thanks to the advantages of the shared model, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. received orders for more than 20,000 i5 intelligent machine tools over the past three years, signed more than 50 smart factories nationwide, and signed nine Zhigu Valley products, creating a miracle sales speed.

The development also needs to improve the credit system

“The ‘shared machine tool’ can only be completed with the help of Shenyang Machine Tool, but it requires the participation of world-class resources and high-end talent.” Guan Xiyou said. To this end, Shenyang Machine Tool actively built three groups: Shen Ji Intelligent, Shen Machinery International and Double Creative Industry. Established high-end product design centers in Berlin and Stuttgart, set up product marketing centers in Frankfurt and set up product testing centers in Arthursleben.

"Facing the future, smart manufacturing is an irresistible trend." Guan Xiyou said that how to achieve "true sharing" and achieve "real economy" in the trend requires the further improvement of the credit system, the improvement of basic facilities construction and the clear definition of machine tools.

It is understood that on the market more than 20,000 i5 intelligent machine tools, only 11,000 units are connected to the "shared platform", and more than half are still not connected to the Internet. Some business owners are afraid that technology will be misappropriated after sharing. Ma Shaojun said that in the future development of "sharing machine tools", it is necessary to improve the credit system and dispel the concerns of business owners.

At this stage, Shenyang Machine Tool leases the machine tool to the customer in the form of “zero down payment” and charges it by the hour or by processing amount. At present, Shenyang Machine Tool is exploring how to use "traffic" to settle data and use the data transferred from the machine tool to work out the world's industry-accepted settlement standards, so that China's manufacturing industry can grasp the right to speak and create a brand-new industrial development.

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